Adoption complete!

Michelle and I met with Stephanie in Aurora yesterday afternoon to pick up her 18 crabbies. We had a great trip up there with her son Cooper along for the ride. Stephanie was very relieved to have us take her crabbies, she has been checking out both our sites and knew who we were! Her babies were obviously well loved. Michelle kept the 2 biggest and the 2 smallest E’s. I took the remainder which included two Strawberries named Nick and Nora. After a LONG day of driving , 8 hours total, we arrived back at Michelle’s and I slept over on her comfy sofa. Today around noon we headed south to my house, about a 2 hour drive. Michelle and baby Alice followed me and they are staying over tonight for a visit.

We did take some pictures and we’ll try to get them posted soon for CSJ and for Stephanie.

All the pics are on Michelle’s digi cam so I’m sure she will be working on that later today/tonight. She is pretty tired though as Alice was a bit fussy.

At least 6 of the crabs were recently molted so they have been well cared for!

Michelle also started knitting one of her hemp nets for my tank! She is making me a 6 foot long bridge to span from one end of my tank to the other. Her nets are so cool so I’m pretty excited about adding it to the tank when it’s completed.

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