With profuse thanks to you all!

After my silly whining at HCA, some really amazing people sent me donations to purchase more strawberry hermit crabs. I intended to get all 12 that came in but someone beat me to 3 of them and one other passed away. I came home with 8 new berries and a warm fuzzy feeling. I’m amazed at the kindness of some people. I surely didn’t expect or deserve to be blessed by such great people but I must have done something right recently. Thank you all for your generosity from the bottom of my heart. I am so in love with these crabbies! :HUG::LUV::hail: Their pictures are uploaded to the gallery. I took some quick shots last night. They devoured all the fruit and coconut I gave them. Filled the salt water pool with sand and today all but one small berry is completely buried and hidden from view. 😯

For the newbies I eased the humidity back down a bit. I’ll slowly bring it back up next week to help them aclimate. Once they are settled I’ll do a detailed photo shoot and begin naming them.

Thank you all again so much! :hearts:

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