Tuesday December 9, 2003

Last night I bathed Peanut and put him/her in the main tank. I found Peanut on top of Lil with Lil rolled over. I removed Bebe and Lil to ISO. Bebe has a odor but I’m not sure its a death odor. It may be the FB or molting. Peanut seems to be more active and even climbed the fishnet.

I put some oyster crackers in the food dish and some hot dogs in another. Loki spent over an hour eating an entire cracker! Sebastian had some hot dog and Cora gave it a taste too. Violet sat drinking from the salt water dish for a bit too. This morning there is another cracker gone and the others have been chewed on so someone else likes them too!

Finally they are showing some food preferences đŸ˜‰