Friday in the afternoon I

Friday in the afternoon I noticed one of the two Cavipes who had changed shells, was in the salt water pool. The shell was upside down and the crab was extended out of it, as if it died. I waited a bit and then went back to remove it. When I moved the lid, it snapped back in its shell. So I left it alone. 8 hours later it was still wading around in the water…completely submerged mind you. I was mildly worried that it might be weak and I set it at the edge of the water. It later left the dish. I’m assuming its now dug down since I can’t find both, they are in identical shells. People often ask how long a crab can be underwater without drowning. Well that Cavipe was under a minimum of 8 hours, so its a long time.

My 3 legged molter is now in the 2.5 gallon tank alone, I suppose I’ll leave her in there until she’s ready to molt again. I might move Phil and Erik in there with her since they are my tiniest crabs and the least likely to harm her.

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