Well I shopped but didn’t

Well I shopped but didn’t find any Cavipes. I visited a Petco and a Petsmart and they were both in need of help. I came home on Sunday night to find that Skittles had shed!

I bought 5 new small PP’s on the way to work today. The largest is still a ‘small’ and is missing its entire bp. It has a gel stump starting but was pretty inactive. These just must have come in today because yesterday there were no crabs. He is already digging in the sand. The other four are tiny and one of them has both claws broken. They are all pretty banged up so I felt bad for them. The teeniest one is such a brilliant color I couldn’t resist. I bought them some FMR treat to munch on tonight while they are here with me at work.

The small store where I have always bought my exotics now only has PP’s. The new, new owner doesn’t seem like she is going to be as receptive as the previous two. I tried to gently approach her about a lid for the hermies but didn’t have much success. She felt like they aren’t in the store long enough to be ‘babied’. hmmmphf. I have increased the amount of shopping I do in that store because I enjoy them and want to be a good customer. I was hoping to establish a good relationship with them but I don’t see that happening. This store is out of my way a bit and I could easily go back to buying my supplies at Wal Mart. We’ll see what happens though. I’m sure she’s a bit overwhelmed and still trying to get settled in so I’ll give her some time.


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