This weekend I noticed that

This weekend I noticed that Kimba was spending a huge amount of time in the water. Normally I never see him near the dish. Sunday he spent a long time stretched into the fresh water, like he was soaking his limbs but I could see him lapping up water at the same time. Late that evening he was doing the same thing in the salt water dish. Then he climbed all the way into the dish. This has to be a sign of a molt. I set up the 2.5 gal ISO tank for Kimba.

Tula immediately dug down when ISO’d on Friday. The new ruggie, Snot Face, is still down in there too. Moki is not very active yet but I hope that she’s just trying to recover and not dying.

I am putting up some PP’s for”>”>”>”>”>adoption to try to reduce the herd and I am thinking they will be taken in pretty fast.

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