Sunday January 11, 2004

Yesterday I put the five Chicago crabs into half of Violet’s ISO tank. There is a possibility they are sick. They may have already contaminated my other crabs in the main tank but I’ll have to wait and see. I thoroughly cleaned everything. Trooper will not be joining the herd until I’m sure its safe.

Friday night I bought a new E at the store in Pontoon. But not until the owner threatened to sue me for saying his store is nasty:)) Well it WAS, the crab tanks anyway, the first time I was in there. It appears to be somewhat better now but I won’t be returning. There are two other stores that I can visit that are nearby and both are receptive to me leaving crab care info in their stores. Which means they are probably going to be open to improving crab care. That to me says they actually care about the animals they sell instead of just the profit to be made. Anyone who truly cares about animals would not be hostile over someone offering them information to improve the quality of care given. They would also try to provide the most information they can to the people buying the animals. These other two stores seem very interested in doing that. They obviously want repeat customers but not because their pet DIED. |-|

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