No more painted shells! Tell FMR its time to stop!

Here are some links to topics that show why the painted shells have got to go:



FMR is the biggest offender when it comes to forcing crabs into painted shells. We are working on them too but if stores would stop buying the crabs in the painted shells, it would probably have a bigger impact. Hermit crabs will rarely move into a painted shell voluntarily. As you can see, there is risk of them getting trapped in the shell when it is too small and the paint is not dry.

I mean, really, you wouldn’t dream of dyeing other pets different colors would you? So why subject the crabs to it?


  1. I know! I hate painted shells, I aslo have another way that painted shells are bad, they get scratched off by other hermit crabs, and they will try to eat it. That’s why I am so glad Joey got out of the painted shell.!!! How can a hermit crab get stuck?

  2. So what has been going on with your crabs? By the way how many of those little cuties do you have… I am planning on getting 2 more – So when one is molting… the other won’t get sad.

    So How many crabbies do you have??

  3. Hey… I think Joey is all done molting. His new exoskeloten is so beautiful. I know he is done because he has become very active. You should see him now climbing over everything. He climbed on top of the tree and at the top he grabs on to the half log and goes balistic by running around in circles. I don’t know why he is so exited….but I still see him and Nemo fighting…I think Nemo is getting ready to molt too…he has been digging an awful lot…but I want to thank you for the advise… Joey seems like a very happy hermit crab in his new shell, not molting anymore. Yeah I REALLY want to thank you. THANKYOU!!!

  4. I would give Joey a little bath now, to wash off the molting smell. That may help Nemo leave him alone. But you are right, cranky crabs are often premolt. You might want to consider adding another crab or two to the tank. That might help them get along better because there will be a heirarchy among them.

    You are very welcome and I’m glad it all went so well.

    Oh and I have 38 crabs right now… I think LOL

  5. OMIGOSH…38 crabs? WOWEE. I only have two. I am thinking of getting another crab..only one. but thats not going to be for a long time. Nemo is sleepy and crabby. And he digs so much. I think I am going to make my special recipe for him… its fruit. I mash kiwwi, apples, and coconuts together and put a little bit in a flat shell and they are just in love with that stuff…but I only give it to them 4 times a month. I barely get kiwwi and coconut. Joey will sit there for hours eating it like it never ends. And Nemo likes it even more…he takes a big chunk of it and goes over to a corner and nibbles on it , and if he isent even done yet, he will dig it up for later, but I don’t let them do that because of I only have the fruity treat in there for about 20 houres. I want them only to eat fresh fruit. I have to dig up all the stuff they hide. its funny but I am afraid that sometimes I don’t get it all. Joey doesent dig any because he just sits there. but it is still funny and the treat… I did not make it up… I found it on a website.

  6. Okay: I gave Joey a bath… and I set up a good space just incase Nemo is molting…I dont want to put him in there yet. I want to know if he is getting ready. All I have to wach out for is dangling legs, that’s a sign of molting. When Joey was…I picked him up and his eyes were orange, and he did’nt go back in the shell all the way. I was pretty sure he was dead, but when I picked him up to put him somewhere else…his legs fell off and then I saw another claw in there. I was so happy. So if nemo has dangling legs and orange eyes…then he is molting. I think.

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