Morons at PetCo

I stopped in today at Petco to look for some Cavipes. My Petco has done a lot to improve the hermie tank. So I picked out two crabs and was holding a third to get it to come out. The moron helping me, snatched the crab and started shaking it. The other clerk said “That won’t make it come out.” I turned around and snatched it back and said “Jesus DON’T SHAKE IT!! Good god… just forget it, I’ll take it regardless….jesus”

I was so mad :cussing: She didn’t bother to check the box and only charged me for two crabs. The girl who checked me out said she is the normal person who looks after the crabs. I told her that someone needs to go tell Keri that you don’t SHAKE the crabs.

Anyway… deep breath… I only found one Rug. It appears the exotics are not being shipped any more to the places I normally find them. I am going to check at Feathers and Friends again next week because she is getting more crabs on Wed. She has three large Indos and a Rug in stock. If they are still there I may end up getting them too.

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