Monday November 3, 2003

Yesterday I took the crabbies out of the tank for a couple hours. It was 78 degrees here and the tank was too warm. I unplugged the heater and brought them out for a bit. They happily ran around and climbed all over while I took some pics of them and gave them a little misting. They are getting more comfortable with me. Trooper always comes out to be misted. Sandy is probably still the most shy about coming out while being held. Pearl comes out immediately when held. Yesterday I was keeping them corraled in a large shoe box and Cora found a way out. She didn’t want to escape I guess but just dangle on the edge and go around and around the box. :)) She was on the soft bed so when she let go she didn’t have a rough landing.

Today is bath day and I think I’m looking forward to it more than they are!

I really want a couple more but I decided to wait a month and see if all three newbies survive before I buy any more.