Monday May 31, 2004

Saturday I found one of my small E’s… Eli I think… naked, freshly molted, missing its BP, up the tree. I couldn’t find its shell or its exo. The others must have ate it 🙁 I’m assuming he had trouble molting because he’s so small that if he was attacked I’m sure he would have been eaten or killed. I put him in a cup with a shell and he put it on. I moved him to ISO and he dug down after two days.

On Saturday I bought another Cavipe and a Indo in bad shape from PetCo. The indo has a big gel leg coming in for its small pincher, its left legs are very thin and small. I hope it molts soon and recovers. Its a gorgeous purple. The Cavipe is white and orange very pretty. I’m going to name them Judith and Dowd. Pics soon!

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