did I make a difference?

Matt and I went to St Louis Mills on Saturday to goof off and look for another Cavipes to be a buddy for Judith. The mall cart was gone so I reluctantly trudged into Earthbound knowing it would be bad. It was. Nearly as bad as the last time I was there. The only improvement was that the sponges were mildly damp and there was a tiny puddle of water. I contacted the store via email last time I was there and got no response. I also can’t find there information online to contact them by phone or snail mail. So the bins are still not covered and now that its cold out, the air is dryer than ever. There were dead crabs and body parts all over the tank. There were at least 100 crabs in there. Two very large guys too. While we were talking Matt asked me how to tell if they were PP’s. A woman over heard and said “You sound like you know alot about crabs” I told her I did and we spent the next 10 minutes discussing their care and all the wrong things the pet stores do. We had a crowd around us so I know some others heard. The woman was with her son and mother(?) I think, but she was very interested and asked me so many good questions. We discussed everything from those damn kritter keepers to painted shells! When we left Matt said, “See honey, you made a difference!” I hope I did! Later he told me that I should have brought the monsters home to have a good life with me since they are already so old. I can’t believe he’s encouraging me to buy crabs!! LOL

Oh and if you can tell me how to contact Earthbound Trading Company, that would be awesome!


  1. I bet you made a difference! I’m sure you’ve heard the starfish story, so I won’t bother to repeat it, but those crabs will love you forever. ^-^ In another life they may worship you as a god. O_o

  2. Really? Here..

    A man was jogging down the beach after a major storm had just come through the area.
    He was dismayed by the huge number of starfish that the storm had washed up on the beach. He thought that there was nothing he could do because of the immense numbers. As he continued down the beach he saw an old man throw something into the water.

    As he got closer, he saw the old man walk a little farther down the beach, bend over, pick up a starfish and throw it back into the water. As the jogger approached, the old man stopped again, bent over, picked up another starfish and was about to throw it into the water.

    The jogger stopped and asked “Why are you doing that? There are thousands of starfish on the beach. You can’t possibly make a difference.”

    The old man looked at the starfish, threw it back into the water, then replied, “I made a difference to that one, didn’t I?”

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