July 19, 2005

One of my strawberries is dying  I went down this morning to change the water and it was upside down tucked into its shell.  I set it in the water and it was struggling to right itself to I removed it.  It was limp and barely moving, much like the first one that died on me.  Both of them would have actually died tucked into their shells I believe.  I left him alone for the time being and went to work.  Tonight he was face down in the sand, his smaller legs twitching slightly. I easy him back so he could slide back into his shell. He is still slighlty moving his legs but seems unable to stand. I sat him in the salt water for a bit for a drink. He is obviously expiring slowly and I was surprised to find him still alive. My heart is breaking for him but I am not comfortable trying to humanely euthanize him. I placed a coco hut over him for a bit of comfort and will check him tomorrow. Its been about a month so I really am not surprised but they were all doing so well I hoped it wouldn’t happen. 🙁  I hope this is the only loss.  I think they are really missing their light because the temporary light is far too weak.  They are clustered beneath it though.  The new one should be here by Thursday supposedly.  I will still have to get some bulbs for it though.  If it works well, I’m ordering another for the main tank because I couldn’t find anything at Lowe’s on Saturday.
Ouri the PP I adoptioncenter.com”>adoptioncenter.com”>adopted has been soaking in the salt water for days.  Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today he’s been in there, still there tonight.  Friday he was hovering over the fresh water.  Yesterday and this morning he was stretching out of his shell in the water.  I hope this is not pre death and just premolt.  The owner said he had not molted with her.  I hope that a lack of ocean water is the only reason and now he’s loading up.  He was digging when he first came home.  I have a ISO ready for him when he finally leaves the water dish.


  1. where do u put hermit crab food (bowl, spread around?), how much, what amount of water do you spray and when, and how often do you clean their habitat?

  2. Put the food in a dish. How much depends on how many crabs you have. One crab will eat very little.

    I don’t mist my crabs, my humidity is high enough.
    Tank should be checked for stray food daily. Water dishes should be cleaned daily. If you have sand, change it or bake it monthly.

    Read some of my articles to answer your questions. I cover most of the basics.

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