January 22, 2004

I was using the eco earth in a container in my tank and never had any problems…but my crabs had no interest in it. It helped keep my humidity up but I’ve found that moss does the same thing and my crabs LOVE that stuff. So the eco earth is now gone and instead of replacing it with sand… I put all the empty shells in that area so now they will not get all sandy while the crabs are checking them out. Very clever eh? They seem to love it! I had a shell heap before of just junk shells and it was their favorite place to be until I put in the moss pit.

Sandy came up from her molt on Monday! She had been done and hard for awhile but remained under.

Pearl and Peanut are under molting now, have been for a week. I possibly have Peanut confused with Coca but they are both under molting so I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to try to identify them again.

Swirly seems to be trying to molt but she is digging up the ISO, burying, then emerging, then burying again. Let’s hope she gets her head on straight. She hasn’t gone naked again.

Monday I bought 6 small E’s and they are in with Trooper and Soomi. After a month has passed with the Chicago crabs I will put everyone into the main tank together.

I’m going to mix my Doc Wellfish stronger and see if the E’s seem to like it any better.

I got my new shells and FMR treat from the Hermie Hut and the shells are gorgeous! Phil tried on a couple then took a Cancerella shell and Cora changed to a pretty polished green turbo.

I found some great polished turbos at Petsmart and now Jabba and Sebastian are both wearing them. Trooper refuses to give up his too large, clunky shell>:(

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