Humid Hide

Vanessa of Crab Street Journal found this and shared the idea. The original idea is in italics, Vanessa’s comments are at the bottom. I don’t need this for my crabs but am going to steal the idea to make a nesting hut for my hamster!

DIY – Humid Hide

Written by: Jeff Marjama
Humid hides are quite easy to make and very beneficial to your herp. This article will explain how to create a quick and easy humid hide that will work very well. The materials you will need for this project is a small Gladware container, a sharp knife and a few matches/lighter. The explanation is as follows. Take your knife in hand and cut a small (just big enough for you herp to get through) hole in the side of the Gladware container (some people like to cut the hole in the lid rather then the side, but this lets too much humidity out). Once you get this hole cut, take your match/lighter and melt the edges of cut you just made. This will make for a nice, smooth entrance for your herp. You may experience some blackened coloring to the plastic if you use matches. Now you’re basically totally done with your humid hide! Wash it out well, put your favorite humid hide substrate in, moisten it, return the lid to the full locked position and place in your cage on the warm end. If you want to make one for a bigger herp, or multiple smaller herps, just up the size of the container you use.

LeoLand DIY HumidiHut Page

[ Note: This may work well with coconut fiber (ForestBed, EcoEarth, Bed-A-Beast, Brunnings Coconut Fiber etc) if you didn’t want to have a tank with coconut fiber you could place a container with coconut fiber that the hermit crabs could enter through a whole cut in a heat-tolerant container if on the heated side of the tank. This is similar to what I have used for several years, except that my in-tank isolation unit the hermit crabs climb into a 1/2G LivingWorlds Small Pals Pen tank which has either moist beach sand or moist coconut fiber. The hole cut in the side may be more hermit crab-friendly and you could always turn the container around so that the hole faced the glass tank wall if you were worried about the other hermit crabs bothering a crab that has moved into the humidihut to moult. ]

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