Hermit Crab Care Question from email about Mangrove root and cloudy eyes

Jesse from New Mexico asks:

i was worndering about This root(mangrove)
if i were to feed it to my little hermits what would it do for them. Do you think that it would help heal any cloud eye’s????? AND IF YOU COULD TELL ME WHY THERE EYE”S GET COULDY (A BUG OR MOLTING)?

Wimblee says:

I’m still not sure if what I bought is actual mangrove root, I don’t think it is. Mangrove root I’ve seen in the past was more stringy.
Mangrove is a staple food in the wild so it’s important to their diet.

Eyes get cloudy before a molt. If the eye is smaller or damaged you can feed calendula flowers to help the eyes.