Happy Week!!

The new forest bedding tower is a big hit! One perlatus is down for sure and two of my cavipes. The good news is the past two days two of the cavipes have given up those stupid cone shells they came in! :cheer: I adoptioncenter.com”>adoptioncenter.com”>adopted them back in February and they wouldn’t even LOOK at new shells. Dowd the second, the smallest of the three new guys and Judith’s twin, is in a babylonia similiar to Judith’s. Judith is down for sure in the forest bedding and Anita Shell. The other cavipe MAY be down there or just hiding elsewhere in the tank.

Ferdinand has been moved to ISO. He’s been digging and one of the Cavipes has been pestering him non stop for a week. I’m hoping its a molt so I moved him for some peace and quiet.

Iris finished her molt and returned to the tank last week. Still with her lovely blue big pincher. She’s a lovely little girl and I’m so glad she survived my big screw up with the shell bag.

So its been a good week in crabby land. 😀

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