Good Friday

On Tuesday I received my order from PetDiscounters. One playpen and one tapestry turbo shell meant for one of the three big kids. I set the playpen up that night and Echo managed to scale it all the way to the top. Apparently she just wanted to prove she could do it because she came back down on her own, in side the play pen. The rest of them try like mad but just slide back down. I’m really mad at Loki because she took the new shell and its so big for her I nearly mistook it for empty last night and removed it from the tank for a bit. Why doe she insist on wearing mammoth shells?? She has so many that would fit her right and she takes the big ones which are harder to come by! Grrr…
Kimba switched to a white pearl polished shell last night so I can boil her old shell and maybe Loki will want it.

Swirly was drooping out of her shell (she changed to rainbow’s old painted shell) so I put her in ISO on Tuesday night. Rainbow has been hiding under the No Smoking crab so I put her in too. Jabba started digging over Oscar so she went back to the main tank.

Misty had some shrimp tails left over so Ikept them to feed to the crabs.

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