Friday December 5, 2003

Wed night I offered some hotdog to the crabs while they were in the playpen. No one was interested except Violet. She climbed in the dish and took about 5 bites out of the largest piece then snatched it up and scurried off to the corner with it. I put them all back in the main tank later and Pearl took two or three bites and then moved on. Violet still had her hotdog clutched in her BP (the feeder claw is broken) when I put her back and she burrowed down with it. Thursday morning all that was left was a tiny little bit of it!

Thursday during the day sometime Peanut surfaced and wandered around the ISO and then went back into a little cave. He/She didn’t completely rebury so I put in a dish of food and a small dish of water since the big dish I have for humidity is probably too deep for him/her to get into. I was also watching Sebastian as she crawled into the water pool and she was drinking by dipping her feeder claw into the water and bringing it to her mouth. I wonder if that’s normal. Also when she walks she doesn’t drag her shell, she holds it up off the ground. I’ll have to see if that’s what the others do too.