February 9, 2004

What is the significance of a month in pet store stress for a crab? I bought Soomi one month ago today. She appears to be dying today though she seemed fine on Saturday when I bathed her with everyone else. Other crabs that have died on me have either died in the first week or at the one month mark.

I of course moved her to a dark humid ISO but she is hanging out of her shell and barely responsive.

This crab is from the pet store I can no longer mention by name. I have no idea how long she was at that store. I bought 4 other E’s previously from there but they had just come in. There is no saltwater offered at this store and the crabs are on chunks of bark that has white bugs in it. And the crabs are kept in kritter keepers.

Swirly came up last night, completely hardened but deformed. One of her legs is small and curled up almost into a O. I’ll try to get pictures.

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