February 6 ,2004

Trooper finally changed shells, into one just like his old one except white :crazy: Violet has tried on a white polished shell and now a green turbo polished shell that matches Cora. Even post molt she is a shell swapping nut!

This morning I got up to find the tank in total disarray! Even the humidity guage was pulled down and that had to be on the the big kids. Dishes were moved, huge holes dug all over, the net was down. Oh boy are they active now that I’ve changed substrate!

Sandy also changed shells and is in a plain brown shell that is too large for her. Snap and Shelly haven’t changed, and Rainbow is still in the ugly brown and black pica shell. Peanut is in a darker green turbo type shell, unpolished.

I’m hoping to see Loki up soon, she has to be finished with her exo by now. Maybe Swirly and Coca will surface as well and everyone will be topside for a bit!

The new teeny E’s are still very timid and some of them are burrowing a lot and staying out of site. There has been one shell change. I need to find more shells for them so they have a bigger selection.

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