E news update

Little update here….

Wimblee surfaced from his molt (very close together molts). His eyes appear fine other than the one seems to be smaller than the other *sigh*
His leg tips are now full length and he seems bigger again. He really is a handsome crab. So he was tearing around the ISO so I gave him a little washy in the IO dish, where he stayed for some minutes.

So hopefully the fog was premolt fog and just really obvious? Not sure why his eye would be a little smaller.

My crabs are eating all organic foods at this point with the exception of FMR treat on a rare day.

The IO dish is being changed daily.

Oh… Diago with the spot? He seems well aside from having dropped a leg. I see him around the water so maybe he will remolt soon.

I think I’ll give the new ruggies xmas names if they all survive, they are in ugly xmas shells.

I order 20 dollars worth of new shells from Wonder Shells. Can’t wait to see how they look!

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