Berry update

I bought two small paint tray liners, square ones meant for doing trim. They are a buck and have two ledges in them and are big enough for my biggest straw to soak in. So I glued some rocks in for the little guys. These are going to be my water pools in the 20 gal because they take up less room but have sufficient depth. I added them this morning and offered some tapestry turbos. The berry with the hole over his butt changed into one of them! Thank bob! Only 7 of them are above the sand right now. They are exploring the extra climbing area and making use of the tree. They are very busy and really love to sit on top of each other. Night before last all the crabs were fed a dish of silverside. The berries got just as much as the 40 crab tank. Today the main tank STILL had fish left over while after the first night, the berries left no sign of fish. Last night they got a quick meal of peanut butter. They are hungry little buggers for sure!

I brought the humidity up to the 75-78 range and will maintain that for a week. I’m also bringing the temperature up a bit, its been hovering around 75 because I can’t seem to keep two light bulbs working at the same time. RME The light also burnt out on the main tank light but that’s not a heat source for them.

I drew up some tentative plans for a custom crabitat… which I would love to have it money allows after the move. That would allow me to put everyone together and streamline their care. Right now the berries are in the basement and its a pain to haul my stuff up and down those rickety ass stairs!

I will have pictures of them I promise… I just don’t want to rush them and risk stressing them at all. Really that makes the basement the ideal location for them. Its quiet and low traffic. No suddenly lights at night or anything. Just a crazy ole dog for company LOL

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