Will she make it?

I thought for sure Sandy would die the day I found her. Instead she is in ISO and buried herself. Can she possibly recover?

Today I have two more of the new compressus molted!

Two weeks about I purchased 5 more and yesterday I purchased 4 more. 6 of those are small crabs and the others are the larger.

All of the crabs are being aclimated in the same manner as the first two groups.

Last weekend I removed the forest bedding and coral sand from my tank. I’m going to try all sand for awhile and see if that makes a difference in my molts. I found eros dead under the forest bedding last week. Echo has molted and is okay other than having a stiff walking leg. Both are Compressus. There has to be some link to my Compressus having bad molts but I still don’t know what.

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