Tuesday November 4, 2003

Bathtime went well and then we all went to the living room for about 30 minutes of scampering on the floor. I try to hold everyone a little and get familiar. I was reading about someone’s play box they keep for playtime and after bath time and that sounds like a great idea. I need to buy some toys to stock it with though.

Monday I bought a new dish and some rocks, also a little hideaway thing. Its meant for fish but my crabs can fit inside of it and all four of them had to check it out when I put it in. They all still prefer to spend their time hanging on the wire though.

Looking for new food ideas, haven’t found anything that seems to excite them much.

I also bought something similiar to Instant Ocean but smaller quantity to make them a little salt water to offer them.

I have finally come up with a way to make a second story in the tank too. A piece of glass from a 8.5 by 10 picture frame fits just right. Today someone at work cut some legs out of a dowel for me. So now I have to secure it and set it up for them. The new dish I got them is shallow and wide and can be made into more of a pool for wading and drinking. I bought some pretty blue glass stones to put in the bottom of it.

I wanted to buy a background but Matt says that is a bit much and why not make them one since they can’t see it anyway