Trooper Update Friday November 7, 2003

He’s also started digging…not burying but digging a hole and sitting in it.
He doesn’t seem to have a food sack, not that I can see.

I put Trooper in the ISO tank before work on Tuesday, in a hole but not buried…fresh water and food… moisten the sand so its just a bit clumpy like recommended.

I came home and Trooper was still sitting in the hole but he had been in the water dish cuz it was sandy. The humidity was pretty high, over 80 so I took the sponge out.

I gave the others a run and play and decided to see if Trooper was interested since he wasn’t completely withdrawn in his shell. So he poked around real slow and I misted him a bit which he always seems to like. He was definitely pokey so I put him back in the ISO with a couple chunks of plum and some pellets. He was digging around so I left him.

Wednsday a.m. he is back in the hole I made but deeper and almost completely buried. I can see about a 50 cent piece size section of him. He also buried the FOOD DISHES!!! I’m assuming the food too because he definitely hasn’t been eating much. So since I could see him I looked careful and found the dish. I know I need to find that plum before it rots.

After careful sifting I found the other dish and all the food including the pellets. Tuesday night I specifically gave him 3 pellets and 2 chunks of plum so I could see if he was eating. I found all of it so he didn’t eat anything.

I may be giving too much food in general but I’ve never been able to tell if my crabs have eaten any of it or not…that’s why I put a specific amount in for him.

Still buried but before bed he had uncovered himself a bit. I put fresh food in for him, this time some turtle pellets.

75 temp 79 humidity

73 temp 76 humidity

This a.m. Trooper wasn’t in the same hole, he had dug a different one and was down it in and I could hear him scritching around on the glass…still didn’t eat though.