1. I am the one who recieved the wonderful little crabbies. So far 3 went under to molt ( I hope!) Rainbow, snap, and a ruggie we named Duggie. (since he dug down the first nite) Shelly is a boy, and he swapped shells with my Speedy. Although I didn’t know this for a couple of days ‘cuz they have the same shell. Harry, the other ruggie is sooo cute! and one of my favs. We did rename Coco, (we had a bad experience with someone named Coco) her name is now Hermonie. All are doing very good. And as of 10-27-04 all the hermies that are up are now in a 55 gal. tank 🙂 And the 3 that are down are in a 20 gal. They aren’t spoiled, are they?? lol Thanks a bunch Stacey!!!

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