So I opened my mouth

So I opened my mouth and jinxed myself. I should know better by now.
Sunday I was talking to a co-worker about my crabs and molting and such. I told her that I’ve been lucky and only ever had ONE crab attacked during a molt, and it was my fault. I went home to find an empty shell in the ‘petites’ tank. I looked all over for the naked crab but found no one. I came back in a few hours to chain food and found a naked PP wedged between the ocean water and the tank. I gently picked it up and rinsed it in the water. Then I moved it to a small KK with forest bedding along with its shell. It put it right back on but its missing its big pincher and two walking legs. Someone had to have attacked it. It seemed pretty strong and active so hopefully it will recover. Tomorrow I’m going to make a honey and coconut dish with some egg shells for it.

Judith came back up…faker.

I had a dream last night that I found a large KK in my stuff that had 13 crabs in it that I had forgotten about!

A week ago I planted parsley and chive seeds in the forest bedding. Now I have a little garden of sprouts for the crabbies.


  1. Hi, your site is really interesting, I’m new to crabbing and am currently collecting all the necessaries before I go and buy my crabs, I’m an active member of crabstreetjournal, but I’m wondering, what do you do with your crabs when you clean your aquarium?

  2. Wow, I never thought to try to raise seedlings for the crabs in the tank before.

    I may try this with some other herbs I have when I upgrade my tank with some CF.

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