Thursday 10/30/03

Last night when I got home I was able to get all four crabbies out and let them run around for a good 30 minutes on the floor. I was able to hold them a bit but the three newbies are still a little skittish of me. Trooper is still getting used to his hamster ball. I gave them all a misting and they were really active. Pearl seems to have removed the thread from the towel that was caught in her leg all on her own. :>>

Cora apparently was just taking a much needed rest. The next day when Matt got home she was out of her hole and wandering about. I was able to get her out for some exercise that night too. She seems to like that hole just for doing her daytime snoozing but she hasn’t reburied herself. The other crabs like to hang out on top of the wire screen in the back of the tank.

Pictures soon I hope!