Last night I found a naked, dead Booger in the moss… he left his shell out on the sand and crawled to the moss and died. One of his legs fell off. He is so very tiny, he possibly may have been trying to molt again. I got him at the same time as Gentle so maybe it was stress.

Last night I set up a 10 gal ISO for Iris, Dowd, and Wimblee…all seem to be pre molt. I set it up on the floor beneath the table the main tank is on. The living room is brightly lit. When looking for Booger’s shell I noticed I couldn’t see Eli. I figured he must be hiding. Anyway I was laying on the floor watching the ISO crabs and who comes waltzing around the tank bold as can be? ELI!!! I have no idea how he got out but he didn’t go behind the tv where it was dark. He just walked right up to me like ‘Hey what am I doing out here? Put me back!’ I was shocked… little brat! I think he may have been clinging to the screen lid when I took it off, he’s so tiny too. But its still amazing that he chose to wander out into the open light instead of scampering to the darkness.

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