Shopping proves a waste of time

Well we visited a couple different malls and I found one crab cart with some PP’s and E’s but no Cavipes. The first mall had a Pass Pets that is even worse than the one in Fairview Heights if you can imagine that. The crabs were in a wire box with no substrate, no food, no water. They were packed in so tight there was no room to walk. :banghead: I hate them so much!

At the crab cart I did pass along some info to a woman. I was going to buy some small E shells but they wanted 4 bucks for them :purpleshakehead: Absolutely ridiculous. The woman I spoke to was looking for shells and I told her about Wal Mart and Dollar Tree. She was going to buy some large painted shells, I can’t imagine how much they were charging for those!

Friday night I found 3 ruggies at Petco so I bought them and brought them home. They are in a KK with forest bedding right now and dug under.

My crippled Peg is not doing better at all. Instead of molting like I thought, she has dropped another leg and been without any food or water for over a week. I took her out last night and gave her a short bath. Then I fed her some honey and coconut. I balanced her shell over a cap of water and she stuck her head down in it to drink. She is still alive today but I’m not hopeful for her survival.

Oscar was acting odd last night. Sitting in the corner staring out for about 90 minutes. Then he spen about 30 minutes trying to climb the glass. I suspect he may be premolt. I will have to set up a 10 gal if that’s the case. I have no where else to put him! I have five ISO’s set up as it is!

Roland is up from his molt this morning. He got a quick stesscoat bath and is now back in the main tank.

Soomi was not in there with him. At this point I’m forced to believe she either died and was eaten or escaped and died somewhere in the house. Poor baby :shakehead:

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