Rollie Pollie bug

Adding rollie pollie bugs (also known as pill bugs or sow bugs) to your crabitat is not an entirely new idea. Naturally Crabby introduced them last summer. I wanted to try it as well but couldn’t find any in my yard. 🙁 This weekend I went out to check the cucumbers I accidentally planted only to find the coveted rollie pollie bugs milling about beneath the cucumbers. Apparently you need to have some organic matter for them to feed on? I’m not really sure, I was just excited to see them. I scooped up a handful of soil and began picking out the pill bugs. I got a pretty good amount as you can see below. They are now in my hermit crab tank, hopefully they will thrive in there and help keep my tank sparkly clean and free of any sort of mold. My crabs have a dense layer of moss on top of the eco earth so it’s easy for them to bury fresh fruits.