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Hi, i don’t know how to ask questions
on this site, i just joined- my main question is can i use saline, such as an eye solution for contacts, for the salt water supply for my hermit crabs? i just got two pacific hermit crabs and i’m trying to give them every thing they need to be happy.i read that they need both salt water and fresh water-i give them bottled water, but i dont have salt water for them, and i read that you should mix your own salt water for them. If i cannot use saline, do i have to buy this water?
I’d appreciate the help! 🙂

The answer is “NO”! You can’t use the same saline for your contacts and for your hermit crabs.

You also don’t have to buy bottled water. For a few dollars you can purchase a dechlorinator for your tap water and it will last for years!

You need to use dechlorinator in both the fresh water and salt (ocean) water.

To make ocean water you purchase some ocean salt mix at a pet store and mix it with water.

Here is a link to an article I wrote on how to make ocean water for your land hermit crabs

There are several other care articles on my site, land hermit

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  1. Hi, I saw that you can’t use contact solution…do you absolutely HAVE to use the Ocean Salt or some other pet store product, or could you use another type of salt such as pickled salt?

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