More pics of the new hermit crabs

I finally got home and set up a salt water pool for the crabs to soak in. Matt had given them a dish of fresh water when he put them in the tank earlier. I had a feeling they would want a good soak. One of the violas is a PP so I’m contacting the seller to see about getting some sort of swap or refund. They are all so pretty but I really do love the Ruggies more than any other species over all. All of them I have owned have been gentle and calm little crabs.

Anyway I placed them all in this tray and then sat it on top of my bar with the cage around it. After about 30 minutes I went to check on them. Everyone was still enjoying the water, save one Indo who got out and went under to hide. I moved him back to the top of the tray to see if he would go back in the water on his own.

I left them soaking for another 30 minutes. When I checked them again, they were all still in the ocean water except that one lone Indo. At this point I decided to move the entire tray to the tank even though it will take up a lot of floor space. They will have to cope with that at least over night as the ocean water is more important than floor space at the moment.


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