M&S pet insurance

Purchasing insurance for you pets has become quite common in the past several years. As Americans become more and more animal friendly, pets are being treated for illnesses instead of being euthanized. To some of us, our dogs and cats are our children and there is not much we wouldn’t do for them. Medical treatment for serious illness or injury can be expensive for your pet and most vets expect payment in full as well as emergency animal clinics. You can alleviate some of the financial burden by purchasing health insurance for your pet. For years, owners of show dogs have been insuring their dogs against potential loss of income if the animal dies do to someone else’s negligence. Now you can get coverage in the event of a major illness or disease. We recently had to put our dog Gypsy through a kidney treatment in an attempt to save her life. Because she was an elderly dog and her kidney disease was a chronic condition, the treatment failed. This is the sort of treatment that could be covered by pet insurance.
M&S (Mark and Spencer) is now offering pet insurance in the UK. You can save 5% if you apply for Marks & Spencer Pet Insurance online (Available for new customers only) It is available for dogs and cats aged 2 months and over. Vet’s bills are covered up to £7000 a year, with treatment as long as it’s needed provided you keep your policy renewed. Save 5% for each additional pet you insure.
Some of the additional features offered by M&S, which I don’t think are offered in the U.S. but I’m not 100% sure because it’s been some time since I looked into pet insurance.
Benefits up to:
£750 for complementary treatments
£2m third party liability
£1,500 for accidental death
£1,000 for death by illness
£1,500 theft or straying
£1,000 for advertising costs
£500 reward costs
£750 for emergency kennels or cattery fees
£2,500 holiday cancellation
Free pet travel cover
Free Helplines

I don’t have a UK postcode so I wasn’t able to do a trial quote to get an idea about the cost.

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