Its not rescuing….

I see a lot of people refer to buying crabs as ‘rescuing’ them. Am I the only one who doesn’t see it this way?

I am a strong advocate against puppy mills and stores that sell dogs and cats. I would never ever buy a dog or cat from a pet store because the majority of them get their pets from puppy mills. I have heard people justify buying these animals by saying they are rescuing them. Well that’s not true. All you are doing is sending more money to the puppy mill and affirming there is a demand for more puppies and now there is another opening. Its horrible to see those dogs and cats in the stores but I know I would do more harm than good by buying one.

Now while I am not going to sit here and say don’t buy crabs, when I obviously do it myself. But what we are doing to the crabs is the same as what is going on with puppy mills. We are not ‘rescuing’ crabs but making room for more and telling the distributors that there is a high demand and increasing the number of them being harvested.

So it goes against my mindset to claim to be rescuing a crab when that’s not what we are doing at all.

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