I’ve lost my Wimblee

I found him yesterday mid molt.:'( Wimblee has been with me 4 years and was one of my favorites. He’s had many, many molts. Some difficult and some perfect so I never expected him to die during a molt. As you can see from the photos he was stuck in his exo. I freed his pinchers but that was as much as I dared for fear of wounding him or causing complete limb loss. With Michelle’s help I tried to save him but failed. Days like this make me think about never buying more crabs. *sigh* There is a slim chance this wasn’t Wimblee and he’s dug down somewhere but given the size I’m 99% sure it’s him.

As always when I have a death, if I discover the body before decay sets in I take photos for the sake of education. I’ll be posting more of Wimblee later this week.