Hermit Crab updates

The new hermit crab tank is coming along FABULOUSLY! I will be taking some pictures later today to upload.

I’ve purchased some new domains: www.landhermitcrab.net , www.allthingscrabby.com and www.hermitcrabassociation.org

At www.hermitcrabassociation.org I will be building a library of the best hermit crab sites on the web.

www.landhermitcrabs.net will be pointed to my care articles and www.allthingscrabby.com will point to the library also.

To be considered for the hermit crab library please visit www.hermitcrabassociation.org and submit a link.

The www.crabstreetjournal.com will also be building a network of sister sites so be sure to look for that also.

Meanwhile for all your hermit crab food needs check out www.epicureanhermit.com
for all your hermit crab shopping needes check out www.hermitcrabaddiction.net
and of course Robin’s most awesome blog at www.crabbytalk.com or www.hermit-crabs.org
and for your hermit crab research visit www.coenobita.org

I’m also working on a new way to compile my hermit crab data since the spreadsheet isn’t working well. I’m going to try a new molt template that includes pictures as well


  1. My daughter and I bookmarked your site and have returned often. Thank you for your care and consideration for “all things crabby”. We have found your website to be most helpful in setting up our crabitat. Can’t wait for your new sites to emerge and evolve! Happy New Year!

  2. Jenn thanks so much for the kind words! I am thrilled that you find the site helpful 😀 I updated the care articles over the weekend and hope to be adding another one soon on sizing shells.

    I’d love to see your crabitat!! You can enter it in the monthyly contest at http://crabstreetjournal.com if you’d like also!

    I’m very excited about the new site also 😀 Not enough time in the day to get it all done!

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