Hermit Crab magazine

There will be a regular monthly newsletter mailed out (snail mail not email). We take member submissions for all issues. The first edition will mail out this coming week.

The Crab Street Journal will be publishing a snail mail newsletter for kids four times a year. At this time we are requesting kids submit their artwork, stories, poety, jokes and photos. Anything related to Land Hermit Crabs for publication.

We also need questions for the Ask Milo advice column.

Please register at The Crab Street Journal to participate and make submissions to our newsletter.

To subscribe to the magazine without submitting, send your name and address to me at newsletter@crabstreetjournal.com

I also have a version that can be printed out and distributed to your local pet stores.

I’m very excited to announce the first ever magazine for hermit crab enthusiasts!!

The Crab Street Journal

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