Four new C. compressus

My smallest E, Super Fudge, did not survive his molt as feared. I am left with two female Es and I prefer to have three. I am also looking for a male E for a friend who needs some information. So when I found a new shipment at Petco I decided to buy 4, expecting that not all 4 will survive long term. Only one crab in the entire tank would let me check gender and it was a female. Hopefully one of these four is a male!

In the store one of them latched on to the employee and gave her a long, painful does of hermit crab pincher. In the truck on the way home one of them escaped the bottom of the box and spent the night alone in the truck! The next evening when I went to check for the millionth time, there it was, sitting by there door just waiting for me. Ramona may have some competition for biggest pill!