February 16, 2004

Moki escapes death in a freak fishing accident.

This morning at 2 a.m. crab owner Daethian went to the crab tank to check on the residents. Much to her shock she spotted Moki, a vivacious blue land hermit crab from Ecuador, in the fish bowl with Spongebob, a red male Betta. Daethian quickly rescued Moki from the fish bowl and returned her to the tank, unsure how long she had been underwater. Bob, his pet snail Gary and the 6 other fish that he lives with, seems a bit freaked out by this uninvited guest and rumored fish eater. The befuddled owner is clueless as to how the crab found its way into the bowl in the first place, though she admits being ill and apparently forgot the protective lid for the bowl after cleaning it. Moki appears unfazed and assures us her owner meant no harm, she does not intend to press charges for neglect. The owner assures us she will not forget the lid again.

In other news…
Jabba has been added to ISO after being inactive for a week.
Soomi has surfaced and returned to the ‘herd’
Eden decided to molt behind the moss dish without telling anyone. She is hardened and doing fine.
No sign of Echo or Ebbie.
Swirly seems to be filling up on water for another molt…will be watching her closely.

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