Since our family does own horses I find this horse exerciser a pretty damn clever idea. It’s intended for trainers and owners of race horses but really could be used by anyone. We all have time when we are too busy to give our horses the exercise they need so how handy to have an automatic horse walker that is SAFE and effective. Putting your horse on a treadmill or hot walker still means you have to stay with the horse at all times to ensure safety. It also means you can only exercise one horse at a time. The design of the EuroXciser will let you work up to 6 horses and it’s safe for them to be in there without constant supervision.

So if you just have one horse you can still use it and keep your prize pony in great shape and reduce stall boredom from being locked up. Or reduce your staff by getting rid of some of your horse walkers and invest in one of these Euro Gait Master horse exercisers. Depending on how many horses you own and people you employ to work them, this could pay for itself in a year or two years.

There are three different models and an optional cover to keep the horses safe and comfortable. The entire unit is highly durable and will stand up to rigorous use and abuse. One of the units can be easily moved and set up directly on the ground.

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