Well my hectic schedule with buying the house probably caused Diago’s death. I’ve been just changing water and food, checking gauges and running out the door or off to bed. I noticed yesterday that the small new adoptioncenter.com”>adoptioncenter.com”>adopted crab was not in its shell. I have some spares in the tank to fit, so no big deal. Tonight I find that crab wearing Diago’s shell. I yanked some stuff out of the tank and found a shriveled bp that looked like it was off a fresh molted crab. :crybaby: I don’t know if Diago had a bad molt and went naked and or died, or if she was attacked and yanked from her shell. I didn’t realize she was going to molt again, and both of her previous molts were rough. She came out of one with a black spot and the following molt her eye was bad and she lost a leg. I feel terrible. Out of my original four E’s that I bought in December of 2003, only Dai Dai is still with me. Things have been going so well all in all, but this could just be all my fault because I’m distracted and not paying enough attention to my babies. Poor sweet Diago, I am so sorry I let you down :depressed:

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