Crabby Nightmare

I have lots of dreams about my crabs but this one was bad. Matt and I had gone to the hardware store to look at and compare sand based on Marie’s information. While looking at the sand we discovered the hardware store was now selling crabs! The small crabs were way up high where I couldn’t see into the tanks. They at least had proper lids on them. Further down I found crabs that were PAINTED! Not the shells, the bodies! But they weren’t normal land hermit crabs. They had sort of strange turkey looking heads and they were very aggressive and ‘pecking’ at each other constantly. While waiting for the manage to find out where he had gotten these crabs, I found a huge bin of shells. I sorted through those and then saw a jumbo PP in a cage by himself. He was missing one eye and blind in the other. I put him in my basket to go home. The manager showed up and then I woke up.

I dream crazy things about stuff I see during the day. Yesterday I did look at a freaky pic of a turkey while reading blogs LMAO Marie got me going on the sand part. I shouldn’t surf before bed I guess. 😳

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