Booger lives?

Two nights ago I had all the wee crabs out to play and to look them over. I picked up what I believe to be either Eden or Ellie and discovered instead that it wasn’t an E but a Rug. A Rug that looks just like Booger. How in the heck??? I know when I found the dead wee crab I had a very hard time figuring out who it was. It didn’t look like Booger, but Booger’s shell was the only empty one in the tank.

Apparently Booger stole the shell from Eden or Ellie and instead of taking his shell, she crawled to the moss and died. :'( That would explain why she was in the moss and the shell was in the middle of the tank. There was no reason why Booger would go naked and crawl so far to die. If this is what really happened then Booger is a bad bad crab >:(

On a side note, last night I found Jabba sitting full on in a pile of peanut butter! She had her shell and all her legs all gooey…sitting there eating peanut butter and pooping!! I had to take her out of the dish and wipe her off so she would drag her peanut butter coated butt through the coral sand and goop it all up. 🙄

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