A small experiment

This weekend I added two small KK’s filled with wet playsand to the main tank. They are on the second level next to the EE. I’m interested to see if those fill up with crabs like my EE has. THis should give me an idea on which substrate is preferred for molting. I HOPE. The downside to this is that is very hard for me to figure out who is in there molting and keep my spreadsheet up to date. About 1/3 of my crabs are currently dug under. :faint2:

One of my pp’s finally moved into one of the whale eyes shells that are supposed to be such great shells. These are the ones I see painted all the time. I bought several and cleaned the paint off. In a year plus time not one has been touched. Now someone is wearing one! Yeah :cheer: Maybe the others will be jealous and want one too.

I’ve now purchased a bunch of organic items thanks to Kerie and Yvette. Yvette passed along a remedy for the black spots on Diago. Kerie gave me a bunch of other organic food items. This weekend my crabs have been eating like hogs. I simply added some honey to their dish of fresh veggies and they went for it! I’m looking forward to phasing out the commercial food all together. I hope to find the missing item in their diet to help my E’s.

Diago has hardened and darkened which is a good sign. Eli remains a light color though, never darkening up after his last molt.

Yesterday I dropped by Petco and their humidity was up to 78% :cheer: Petco is making great strides in improving their hermie care and I feel better about spending money in their store.

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