A Question from Email

One Reader Asks:
I live in Washington DC and I would like to get another family member for my crab. I have been to Petco but didn’t like it. Any ideas of shops with knowledge on hermit crabs in the region of DC, Maryland, Virginia?

The 2nd question is I am still figuring out how to properly bath my crab? Do I have to take him out of his shell and immerse him in water? So far, I hold the shell upside down and I spray him with water through the shell opening. As soon as possible I empty the water so he doesn’t get drawn.
Is there a better technique for bathing?

Wimblee Says:

I’m not familiar with pet stores in the DC area but some of the members on The Crab Street Journal might be. We have users from all over the U.S. and all over the world. I invite you to register and inquire there about pet stores or if you prefer I can post on your behalf and ask.

As for bathing, no you should not attempt to remove your crab from it’s shell for any reason.
I have written an article on bathing that should answer some questions for you:

How To Bathe A Hermit Crab