75 gallon vertical crabitat post fire rebuild

75 Gallon Vertical Crabitat Rebuild

It’s back! My 75 gallon vertical crabitat is back up and running! The littles have been moved from the 55 gallon storage bin temporary home into their new spacious vertical crabitat.

I didn’t change too much from the original set up so it was more about clean up and replacing smoke/soot damaged stuff like my lights and heat pad. I did deepen the substrate to make the climbing wall more accessible for the little hermit crabs.

The littles are enjoying the new space and the immediately began climbing up, up, up when introduced to the crabitat. Climbing space is as important as molting space.

I’m missing a couple photos of the tank before I cleaned it and of the coroplast tray I made, so when I find them  I will add them.


If you are not aware, in August 2016 I had a house fire and the 75 gallon had to be put in storage while I moved twice and finally settled in a permanent location.

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