Success with EarthBound Trading at St Louis Mills

June 29, 2007, after three years, I finally made some major head way with Earthbound Trading in the St Louis Mills mall. I have emailed the company in the past with some suggestions on improving their tank set up. I was ignored. Yesterday Matt took me for some hermit crab retail therapy. I took my last two copies of the June Newsletter and a few business cards. In the past, I have been allowed to leave caresheets. I picked out a large crabby and went to the counter. I asked the woman working about leaving my information. Turns out she is the manager and is VERY VERY interested in improving her setup. She also said two of the employees are totally in love with the hermies and they would like to do what they are able to improve. We talked for about 15 minutes and I answered a lot of her questions. She gave me her email address so that I can send her some more information and caresheets. I am going to ask her for her mailing address so I can send her some food samples, caresheets and more business cards. She did say she has people ask about returning their crabs. I was pretty excited to finally find someone interested in making things better! She was going to speak to her son about making a hinged plexi lid to help hold in some humidity.

So for those of you finding yourself frustrated by the inability to make progress, don’t give up!! Just be consistent and continue to do as much as the store will allow and try to build a relationship.

This past Tuesday I was in the area again and dropped off some oak leaves and dried rose petals for the store hermies.

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