1. Wow very nice, indeed! I would love to have a tank that size. Actually, I’d like to start with a 55 gallon or so. Do you have a variety of crabs of different sizes, or are they mostly the same size?

  2. Okay cool that is good to know thanks! I’m shopping around for a nice 55 gallon for cheap, doesn’t even need to hold water. A 150 would be awesome but I don’t think my house has the room for one that big. Plus, not sure how I’d heat the dang thing!

  3. Did you see my other article on large tanks? I wasn’t even looking for a new tank but out of habit I always check the want ads for cheap tanks and there it was one day!!

    I use dual Tri Combo light hoods to heat and they do a great job. Three 100 Watt bulbs for day and another three for night. In the summer I adjust them to lower wattage or turn them off during the night. The light hoods are about 40 bucks but that’s not that bad considering what a UTH that size would cost plus they just don’t heat well enough for my liking. Then there is that whole problem of replacing the dumb thing when it dies…. emptying the ENTIRE tank. wugh… gimme light bulbs any day lol

  4. That depends on this size of the crabs. If your crabs are jumbos they should have about 10 gallons of space each so you would be pushing it with 15 jumbos in this tank. Making full use of the space would be key. If you have small to medium crabs, you could have 50 I suppose as they would have 3 gallons of space each.

  5. They died over time. At one point I had at least one of most species of exotics but they slowly began to die off over time. I also had a number of large E’s (roughly 20) that I purchased to do some field trials on Sue Latell’s new crab induction method. They all survived initially but as they began to molt I lost most of them. I have found E’s to have a hard time with molts once they reach their max size. When I adopt hermit crabs I often don’t have much info on how they were taken care of previously so it’s a gamble on whether they will survive or not. I haven’t purchased or adopted new crabs in a long time and because of that have not had any deaths for quite some time. I’m content with the number of crabs I have right now and they are all healthy and stable.

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